Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monstercross or 29er, circa 1993

In the early '90s I spent a year or two riding my Trek 750 Multitrack cyclocross bike (steel using Trek's 26" MTB lugs) as my mountain bike. 45mm tires just fit in the rear, though I usualy ran 42mm for clearance. Rode that bike everywhere and loved how it rolled over things.

Dreaming about full width mtb tires (and 2.0" tires were still considerec the normal width then) for it inspired me to design this bike.
It was a mountain bike then. More likely to be called a monstercross now. And similar to my current favorite bike I had built a few years ago, "Hermie".
I can do almost anything on Hermie. From road rides to back country trails. If I could have only one bike, this would be it--or the one that will follow it.

See you Out There,

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  1. Shiggy,I really like the looks of Hermie.I have been debating something like that for gravel/dirt adventures. I am however weary of cross bikes having never been on one for any kind if ride.