Monday, January 3, 2011

Logos for the "Out There" Van

It is not easy to apply vinyl at 15 degrees F. At least the weather is dry. I am still working an removing the raingutter company lettering from the sides. Five hours of heating and scrapping almost (almost) cleaned off one side. I really need to get a good heat gun. Not a big deal as I am waiting for the black vinyl for the new side logos.

I do have plenty of white vinyl. Perfect for the windshield logo. Ended up half obscured by the tint, but I like it.

The rear doors also received the logo treatment. I did have just enough black for the back.
On-One Bikes, Titus Cycles, shiggy's Out There logos and a PSA:
"SEE BICYCLES  //\\  Ride Bicycles"


  1. Lookin' good Shiggy! Hope to see the van round these parts sometime to check that out, and more. (Hint!)

  2. Let us ride...Disciples! Good lookin' out ShiggaTon!

  3. Glad the bumper's already creased. Now you don't have to worry about it. I need one of those (new?) DOD decals please. or two.

  4. Brock, Eric-

    I will bring some DOD decals with me. Do you have colors preferences?

  5. If I get a If I don't get a choice...then I don't care what color.

  6. Just found your blog, cool! I was wondering what bikes you'll be taking on this Shiggy's Out There tour? The van looks like it ought to do the job, you coming down for ACM. I'm sure you could sell some of those D.O.D decals at ACM, I'd sure like one. Happy Trails


  7. Jolly, I plan on being at ACM. Waiting for a check to arrive to pay for the gas.

    I will have a limited number of DOD stickers with me.